About Imaging Partners of Orange County

Comprehensive imaging, convenient solutions, and patient-centric care–these are the three tenets of Imaging Partners Orange County (IPOC).

Here’s what Redbook and Woman’s Day wrote about us in their invite-only healthcare feature:


Caring for women’s breast health requires a sensitive bedside manner as well as a keen understanding of breast anatomy. Women find both in abundance at Women’s Imaging Center.

In 2012, the Center became the first facility in Orange County to be fully accredited for 3D mammography (also called tomosynthesis), which views breast tissue in one-millimeter “slices” to better detect cancer.

“In the first year, we saw a 27 percent increase in in cancer detection and 15 percent fewer false positive callbacks,” reports Dr. Kenneth Meng. “But there is a learning curve to this technology, and being the area’s most experienced radiologists in 3D mammography is certainly an advantage.”

3D mammography is especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue, yet Dr. Meng notes that this technology benefits all patients. Unlike other practices, the technology is offered to all patients regardless of their breast density.

Women’s Imaging Center is staffed by Moran, Rowen & Dorsey, Inc. This radiology group has been providing diagnostic radiology services, including breast imaging, to the Orange County area since 1961.

The technologists and support staff have decades of experience in delivering an imaging experience that is both comfortable and efficient. “Our staff members love what they do, and patients can sense that in their care,” says Dr. Meng. “We’re like a family.”

For added convenience, the Center offers on-site bone densitometry testing (of DEXA scans) for osteoporosis and osteopenia, diagnostic and screening breast ultrasound, and on-site ultrasound-guided needle biopsies and aspirations, Breast MRI services are available at a sister location for women who are at risk for breast cancer, women who have been recently diagnosed, preoperative planning, breast implant evaluation, or other diagnostic evaluations as recommended by a physician.

The radiologists also participate in a multidisciplinary panel at St. Joseph Hospital regarding optimal cancer care, ensuring each patient is provided an individualized treatment plan.

“Providing care that is holistic, sensitive, and private has always been our priority,” says Dr. Meng. “It’s why we’ve earned such a strong and loyal following over the years.

Redbook & Woman’s Health, July 2015